Tijuana one of the three cities with more events in the country

Tijuana one of the three cities with more events in the country

Since Tijuana is one of the three cities with the largest number of events in the republic, the BC Consume Local Event Expo, to be held for the first time in the region at the CECUT, will bring a range of 14 conferences aimed at to strengthen the culture of the accomplishment of events of great quality and international level. Events that benefit the transit of clients for dentists in Tijuana, restaurants and city squares


The general coordinator of the event, announced that this will be a platform to analyze and expose the industry behind the events through a series of conferences highlighting the keynote address ‘Entrepreneurs Surviving Stereotypes’, which seeks to teach how can we break with the paradigms that have been used to survive in the business world.


“Both entrepreneurs and the general public will give them all the necessary elements, not only psychology, coaches, representatives, but a whole different range of exhibitors with great experience to make them more clear at the time of wanting to undertake your company, and those who already have your company to reaffirm that knowledge with these people who are already successful, “he said.


He mentioned that the participation of the Technical Audio Coordinator of the Cervantino Festival, Federico Torres with the talk ‘Production and Coordination of Audios for Music Festivals, who will present how the whole technical area of ​​audio should be formed; and the Master in Neurolinguistic Programming, talking about ‘Being Emotionally Creative’, focused on entrepreneurs who want to start a business or a brand.


Along with the 130 stands placed on the CECUT esplanade, where the Human Development trainer, Fernando Inzunza, will also participate, there will also be Civil Associations that will offer free services from dental, doctors, workshops to empower enterprising women, workshops for children, and they will be providing services for the prevention of breast cancer with free mammograms, hair cuts, diabetes, HIV; as well as Cotuco with the tourist offer and the Ministry of Economy with the support schemes for entrepreneurs.


Eddie Corps, fashion designer with a career in Canes and other festivals, will also participate, organizing more than the logistics of an event, the theme of the catwalk, with the talk ‘Fashion Design and Events’; In addition, a representative of the Ministry of Economy of Tijuana, who will talk about the support for the creation of companies and the necessary paperwork.


“Having all the necessary tools with these personalities that already have great success, to be able to empower your company or to be clear about the idea of ​​how they can start a business is essential for this industry; that is why we look for this type of topics so that it is clear to them whether they are carrying out any massive event, if they want to be promoters, if they manage the coordination of their companies in events, business or if they are entrepreneurs, that is why we decide this kind of conferences. “He concluded.


With a series of cultural, musical and gastronomic activities in 2 stages, where the entrance to the event will be free and the conferences will have a modest cost for the attendees