They expect more tourist influx

They expect more tourist influx

American tourists take the opportunity to visit doctors, ophthalmologists and the dentist in Tijuana. The problem mainly affects middle-class workers, since the income they generate is not enough to maintain the cost of housing and medical services, among other expenses especially for those who have a family that depends on them.

In these days of vacation in the United States, American tourists take the opportunity to visit doctors, ophthalmologists, and dentists, since the costs in Tijuana are usually much cheaper than in the neighboring country.

The ease of crossing the border, low housing costs and building new spaces, make the border region increasingly attractive to residents across the border and estimate that, over the next five years, the number of families residing in Tijuana and Baja California increases significantly.

Even when crossing to the border temporarily only for the medical services they also usually eat in the city, reason why there is an important economic spill in the gastronomic sector.

Finally, the vice president of the Canaco commented that the request was made to the municipal authorities to expedite the transit during these days that there will be an increase in the arrival of visitors.

One of the special requests to the director of the traffic police was that he put officers directing the traffic to be fluid, so that more routes were made so as not to generate traffic jams that are generated by the long weekend.

The city of Tijuana was formed with people who came from many places, has a migratory status, and that made people turn to help so that the situation of the Haitians was less complicated. That made them reflect too and that some decided to stay.