Benefits of a Root Canal Treatment

Benefits of a Root Canal Treatment

Teeth are one of the essential body components that require a constant care. When infected by bacteria can lead to severe pain, disturbing your concentration and alertness on the work at hand. The primary causes of tooth infection include tooth fracturing due to trauma, advanced periodontal disease, deep decay, severe gum disease, and extensive enamel wear that may expose the pulp. If you experience these symptoms, you may undergo a tooth extraction procedure (that involves removing the entire infected tooth) or opt for a tijuana root canal treatment. The latter involves the removal of the inflamed or infected pulp tissues from the tooth, thus killing them.

Five benefits of a root canal treatment

A root canal treatment saves the infected tooth and prevents its removal. Your dentist in bartel dental will only remove the infected tissues and not the entire tooth, relieving you of any pain. You retain your natural teeth instead of replacing them with artificial dental implants.

A root canal treatment also protects the spread of infection to other teeth. For example, after a tool extraction procedure, the remaining teeth may drift or shift, making the teeth opposing this force to supraerupt. These changes may lead to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, a condition characterized by pain in the jaw joint, which can also cause ear pain, neck pain, and headaches. With a root canal treatment, all this is history.

A root canal treatment is also not as expensive as a tooth extraction. You can get an affordable root canal in Tijuana’s dental clinics, which value their patients and use modern and high standard equipment. When you lose you tooth due to extraction, you cannot get it back unless you undergo prosthesis, which is way expensive as compared to a root canal.

In addition, the whole procedure for a root canal treatment is very comfortable and painless as your dentist will anaesthetize the area during the operation. Although the tooth may be a bit sensitive a few days after the treatment due to the inflammation of the nearby tissues, this discomfort is expected to fade quickly. Moreover, your Mexico dentist may prescribe some mild analgesics to relieve any possible pain.

Since the aim of a root canal treatment is to keep all the teeth intact, you will have a natural teeth look, and chewing is never a problem since the tooth will eventually function normally.